Kinew Standing Up for Newcomers

Would eliminate fee, increase family reunification

August 14, 2017

Winnipeg, MB – Wab Kinew announced today that as Premier he would overhaul two key elements of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). 

Under Pallister’s Conservatives, successful applicants have been forced to pay a $500 fee. This fee poses a meaningful and unfair barrier to applicants who do not have financial means, while adding minimally to education and training budgets that it claims to support. Under a Kinew government, this fee would be eliminated. 

Secondly, Kinew would offer increased opportunities for family reunification. Recent changes made to the PNP have hampered the ability of individuals to apply to immigrate in order to join existing and employed family members already here in Manitoba. This shift ignores the challenges that come with dislocation from family support systems, children, and relatives. 

Kinew would help more newcomer families reunite in Manitoba. The province would see the rewards of stronger, more supportive family units. 

“We cannot treat people just as economic engines – we need to recognize that being together with your family is in itself a major support that can create well-being in all aspects of life, including employment,” said Kinew. “I would improve the PNP to focus on fast turnaround times and opportunities for skilled workers, and at the same time would not sacrifice the opportunity for families to start new opportunities here in Manitoba, together.” 

“These proposed changes to the Provincial Nominee Program would make a real difference in the lives of newcomer families in Manitoba,” said community activist Hani Al-Ubeady.

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