Kinew Pledges Support for Investing in Recreation, Active Living Facilities 

July 21, 2017

Winnipeg, MB – Today Wab Kinew released a video documenting his recent visit to the Norway House Cree Nation in northern Manitoba, and tour of their fitness and recreation facilities.

Kinew visited the new fitness area, which includes a 1 kilometer running track and baseball diamond, learned of plans to add an additional diamond and new soccer fields, and applauded the efforts of leaders in NCN.

“The community’s leadership is investing millions in recreation infrastructure. It’s the vision of Chief Ron Evans – he says that when other governments send support workers, that’s fine, but what youth in communities like this really need are opportunities to be healthy, active, and outside, forming bonds with their community,” said Kinew.

Kinew added that the cuts and funding freezes of the Pallister Conservatives won’t help communities like Norway House build strength through upstream, proactive approaches like fitness facilities, but instead will starve funding for critical projects that would help reduce the burden on government support systems long term. Instead, Kinew outlined his support for investing in recreation and active living infrastructure that will make people healthier.

“I am committing that if I am successful in becoming leader of the Manitoba New Democrats, and if Manitobans someday choose me to become Premier, that we will stop the freeze and that we will build more recreation infrastructure in communities all across Manitoba, including First Nations,” said Kinew. “We need every talent to reach their full potential. We have to invest in opportunities for youth so they can learn the lessons sports teach – fun, team spirit and hard work. It’s time for a new direction, one that includes all of us.”

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