Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change

An NDP government would invest every dollar collected through pollution taxes into specific efforts to reduce and mitigate the effects of global warming


August 31, 2017

Winnipeg, MB – Today Wab Kinew committed to reinvesting every dollar collected through a pollution tax towards fighting the effects of global warming.

The implementation of a pollution tax, or carbon tax, is a mandatory federal requirement that all provinces must implement by the end of 2018. Brian Pallister is wasting his time and Manitobans’ tax dollars hiring lawyers to fight the federal government, instead of developing solutions that will help address the realities of climate change.

We need leadership on climate change, that doesn’t leave Manitobans behind while their Premier dithers.

“The effects of global warming will be serious. Climate change is already affecting Manitobans everyday – from increased flooding, more intense forest fires, and shorter winter road seasons. And we’ve all seen the impacts on Lake Winnipeg, affecting Indigenous communities and fisheries that support local jobs. We must act now to ensure that we protect our lands and waters, and that we do our part to stop global warming,” said Kinew.

A Kinew government would respond to the federal mandate by bringing in Manitobans to be part of fighting climate change, while supporting those most affected by new environmental challenges.

Kinew would invest in six key areas:

  1. Developing fully electric public transportation options, a comprehensive system of electric vehicle charging stations, and better active transportation networks. Innovative projects, like light rail, would be investigated with interested municipal partners;
  2. Mitigating the effect of global warming on crucial winter roads, flooding, and forest fires, while investing in additional disaster relief funds for the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization;
  3. Partnering with universities to support research into the local effects of climate change, to help industry and at-risk communities anticipate changes and adapt;
  4. Offering targeted financial assistance to high-polluting Manitoba businesses and industries to support transitions to environmentally-friendly practices, and to ensure that jobs stay here in Manitoba;
  5. Investing in energy-efficient housing retrofits;
  6. Supporting low- and middle-income families through progressive tax rebates.

“Critically, any revenues that are collected under a pollution tax must be reinvested to help address global warming – they cannot simply be put into general revenues, or be used to offset PST reductions. Manitobans deserve honesty in government, and we will deliver.”

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